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PDI Precision Devices

PDI Precision Devices

Precision Devices Inc. (PDI) offers an extensive range of frequency controlled devices, and is quickly becoming a world leader in such offering. With a broad range of High-End Crystals, Crystal Filters, Clock Oscillator, VCXO's, TCXO's, TCVCXO's, LC Filters, QPL Crystals, QPL Oscillators, and OCXO's, PDI has the right mix of devices for critical, high-quality applications. PDI is certified with SGS's ISO9001, ISO14000 and QS9000 strict manufacturing standards, making them the ideal choice for high-grade military or low-cost, high volume frequency controlled device requirements. For more information regarding Precision Devices Inc., call 1-800-232-9825

Featured: OC7

Data Sheet PDI Model OC7-Series provides precision timing in a hermetically sealed package, and is available in both standard and custom frequencies and configurations. PDI provides quick-turn sampling for your proto-typing needs, mass production capability, and competitive pricing.

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